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Fitness made personal.

Fitness Center, Whole Person Health, Student and Corporate Wellness

About F.I.T.2help

Fitness Incorporated Together

F.IT 2help believes a healthy lifestyle builds both physical and emotional strength, confidence, and newfound energy that impact you, your family, your friends, and the community.


No matter where you start on your journey,

we strive to make fitness personal. 


We offer personal training, studio memberships, corporate wellness, student and group work and more.


All fitness levels are welcome! Join us on a journey to better health.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy


Work by yourself or train with one of our experienced trainers


Pam Hall

Owner of F.I.T.2help, Trainer

Pam Hall has worked in the health and wellness field for over 30 years and started F.I.T2help in 2010 with her husband Mark. She considers it a joy to walk alongside her clients in their personal journeys, whether it’s through one-on-one training, group classes, or community outreach.

She desires to fully understand her clients' goals and believes living a healthy lifestyle is beneficial, no matter where they start or what physical limitations they might have.


Jenny Artherhults


Jenny Artherhults is a lifelong Marion resident who found her love of fitness while working out with Pam Hall. They have worked together since 2010.

She is passionate about helping others and hopes to encourage, inspire and challenge her clients. She enjoys running to raise support for a variety of charities.


"The F.I.T.2help program has taught me new exercises that help me deal with stress and my personality at the same time. The fitness instructor cares about my health, but it's cool to see she cares about me as a person even more."

- White's Student



Contact Pam Hall for Details

Personal Training

The studio offers one on one sessions with our personal trainers. Our goal is to meet you where you’re at and push you a little farther. Gain leadership, accountability, encouragement, and support to help you reach fitness goals. Flexible hours.


Build strength and confidence and a better understanding of how to live a healthier lifestyle in our studio. The studio is a safe, encouraging environment with a family atmosphere where you can be yourself while striving to be a stronger person.


Living Intentional For Today and Tomorrow (LIFTT) is a 12-week support group program focused on the who, what, when, where, and why of exercise and eating. Experience support, encouragement, understanding and motivation. LIFTT starting dates vary depending on season and runs year-round. 

30 Day Challenges

30 day challenges consist of 3 meetings and include measurements/weights and body fat percentages, workouts, tips and more. Get a personal plan, accountability, and specific measurements. 

Corporate Wellness

A customized plan for your business to develop a healthier, more productive workplace.

Group Classes

Cultivate leadership, encouragement, and accountability in our group classes. All fitness levels and abilities are welcome. 

F.I.T.2help Student Wellness Program

A 12 week program designed to help encourage lasting purpose and build self-esteem for students through health and overall wellness.

F.I.T.2help Team

The TEAM challenge offers classes, connection, logs, email support, and more. Together we can encourage, hold each other accountable, provide motivation and instruction, and hold group workouts.


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765 661-7008

4001 S Western Ave., Marion, Indiana

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